What is Amurco music?

Amurco music is an International music and media licensing company, supporting talented music creators + supplying music and media to businesses. Orange Door has formed a relationship with Amurco music to provide its database of 1000s of tracks on the Orange Door system to our clients to help explore new creative music styles.

Amurco’s rights managed catalogue is home to the best up-and-coming and established artists, so you’re sure to find a musical match for your project.

With over 80,000 tracks from the world’s best music creators, the Amurco library has the ability to bring a new style to your venue and separate you from the competition.


Amurco music styles?

Currently we at Orange Door are providing the following styles of Amurco music!

  • Casual Dining
  • Easy Listening
  • EDM
  • Indie
  • Lounge & Chill
  • Reception
  • Spa & Ambient


Interested in trialing Amurco music at your venue?

We are providing free limited access to the Amurco library for small time! So please enquire with us and find out if the Amurco library will work for you.

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