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The Orange Door® 8000 Series music video and digital advertising system was born on the back of the gastro, craft beer and tavern era; its design has been developed with just this space in mind.

Add More Value To Your Place

Simple to manage marketing programs that not only inform but mould your sales, to a point where actual GP and menu percentages are affected – we have the numbers to show this system works.

From craft beer bars to your local taverns, microbreweries and brew pubs, the industry has changed a lot over the last 10 years. It’s estimated that well over 5,000 bars and taverns close their doors every year in the USA, so there has never been a more important time to become relevant and to entertain your guests.

Create Your Own Channel – Entertain Your Customers, Tell Your Story & Sell YOUR Product

TV’s are important real-estate space for people wanting to sell product. Once the final whistle has blown on ESPN, the best operators are changing their TV channels over to their Orange Door® where their own individually crafted channel is designed to entertain and inform customers, telling their story and selling their product. There’s simply no time to run ads for the fast food joint across the road while the sports reruns play on mute.

Throw in over 100 constantly updated and curated song playlists that will cover any theme, event or setting and it’s all of a sudden two areas of your business not to worry about ever again.

Orange Door® Remote App – 100% Control

The Orange Door® Remote App gives your management instant access to control every part of the music or marketing on your Orange Door® system from any device.


The most powerful and
intuitive music video system
with promotional marketing ever!


The world’s best video pub
trivia show. Turn your
quiet nights into regular
and solid turnover.


A fun way to bring
in new customers
on your slow nights.

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