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Bowling Alleys

Since 2013 Bowling Alleys have seen remarkable new developments in their industry and are blazing a trail of exciting growth.

A big reason for this growth is faith in new technology and the use of digital entertainment to increase the enjoyment levels that come with bowling. Large, well-priced LED screens are now a common part of bowling alleys.

Orange Door® Can Cover It All!

The best operators know that they must have total control of their TV screens to ensure their customers are entertained and are aware of what’s on offer, other than bowling itself. Orange Door® can use any video and add digital frames, electronic billboards and fully customisable messages to keep customers staying longer, spending more and coming back in the future!

Create Your Own Channels

Developing your own in-house video music and marketing channels will produce incredible results quickly. We will show you how to market what has become a massive list of food, beverage and parallel products: like t-shirts, balls, shoes and all things bowling.

Social Media Feeds, The Latest In Music & More – Control From One Place

Orange Door® allows bowling alleys to combine the best and latest music with high quality marketing graphics, Facebook feeds, Twitter and a multitude of other marketing mediums – all easily controlled from the same system.


The most powerful and
intuitive music video system
with promotional marketing ever!


The world’s best video pub
trivia show. Turn your
quiet nights into regular
and solid turnover.


A fun way to bring
in new customers
on your slow nights.

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