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Chain and Corporate Operations

Chain, corporate and non-corporate clients have one thing in common – they are building a brand.

This is always a collective effort across many different states and client groups – getting one standard brand – sound and vision. This is singularly so important to the success of the business, but it is also a massive challenge.

One Sound, One Vision And One Story

From many of the emerging chain super stars like Rock and Brews, Native Grill and scores more, the one common thread you will see across them is one sound, one vision and one story. At Orange Door we love helping great brands set this vision and telling their story.

An Orange Door® System Gives You The Scope You Need To Showcase All The Benefits Of Your Business Chain Or Corporation

Orange Door® systems let you easily set a base layer of music selection, branding and themes that match each chain or corporation across the board, and this can ALL be managed from one central location.

Once the base is set, you can also set up limited access for sub-managers to make subtle changes to music or on-screen ads that are isolated to a single store or specific group in the chain.

Once your formula is set and working, lock it in and roll it out – Easy


The most powerful and
intuitive music video system
with promotional marketing ever!


The world’s best video pub
trivia show. Turn your
quiet nights into regular
and solid turnover.


A fun way to bring
in new customers
on your slow nights.

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