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Gyms and Fitness Centres

Over 56 million Americans paid gym membership fees in 2016, and there are over 34 thousand fitness centres that open their doors to these active customers. If you are a gym owner the question is … how do you stand out in the crowd?

Full Control – Anytime, Anywhere

An Orange Door® system will give gym owners peace of mind, knowing that their playlists are scheduled to play at the exact time they want – 24/7. New music is updated automatically behind the scenes.

What Do Your Members Actually Want To Watch?

TV screens have always had a strong influence over gym members as the main source of entertainment during gruelling workouts, but what do your members actually want to watch? An Orange Door® system allows any videos to be scheduled to coincide with the music or gym member demographic.

Up-sell & Inform

Once gym goers are entertained, you have the choice of displaying offerings you want them to know about: supplements, personal trainer profiles, classes, events, competitions or even in-house news! It can all be displayed to show on your screens when you please.


The most powerful and
intuitive music video system
with promotional marketing ever!


The world’s best video pub
trivia show. Turn your
quiet nights into regular
and solid turnover.


A fun way to bring
in new customers
on your slow nights.

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