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I’m an operator at Promenade Bar, Grill and Sushi and we currently have two locations, one in Long Island New York and our newest location in Manhattan Murray Hill Third Avenue between 25th and 26 street in NYC. We started using Orange Door® Music Video a few months ago at the Long Island location and I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have Orange Door® as a part of our business. We have found so many creative ways to utilize Orange Door® and it’s amazing set up to help us benefit and keep customers in our sports bar longer.

Not only does Orange Door® help us keep customers longer but we also now have the option of selling theme parties. For example if one of our customers wants to have an 80’s theme party I can sell this to them and easily create a specific playlist of music videos so they can have their 80’s party right at our bar and restaurant. Also I’ve saved tons and tons of money from hiring DJ’s because I can now create my own playlists and find whatever music I want on the go with ease, so no longer do I have to spend $250.00 a night for a DJ that’s never going to play the music we like. Now I can play everyone’s favorites music videos. Thank you Orange Door® I don’t know what we would do without you !!!!

Eddie Fahmy – General Manager Promenade Bar, Grill And Sushi | Long Island & Manhattan, NY
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