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Entertainment Centres

Multiple experiences under one roof, designed to appeal to family and youth markets.

Entertaining multiple age groups such as families is simple with Orange Door®. We have safe, family oriented playlists that won’t offend, fun videos and up-to-date chart music ensure the kids are kept happy. Add relevant and targeted messages and you will find parents staying longer and spending more!

HD Video Quality Appointments

If you are one of today’s multi-unit business developers who create indoor centres like golf, carts, roller skating, coin game arcades, games venues, trampoline centres, climbing sites and arcade style family entertainment you will be a lover of great technology. One very important feature across all of these money making power houses, is the need for HD quality video appointments.

The Opportunity To Up-sell Is Easy With Orange Door®.

Music video and high quality food and beverage marketing is one very important stimulant for selling more products, whether it be the basics like ice-creams, drinks and popcorn or t-shirts, tickets and competitions. Orange Door® offers you all those options and more.

Our Most Common Answer To Any Question Is “Yes It Can” – This System Really Is The Complete Entertainment & Marketing Package

Increasing guest spend and telling a brand story is a cornerstone of entertainment centers and Orange Door® systems tick all the boxes.


The most powerful and
intuitive music video system
with promotional marketing ever!


The world’s best video pub
trivia show. Turn your
quiet nights into regular
and solid turnover.


A fun way to bring
in new customers
on your slow nights.

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