The Orange Door Graphics Department!

Nearly all of our customers have a good website presence and are active on Social Media ie. Facebook & Instagram.

Orange Door are pleased to announce, that we are now able to take that imagery and load it onto your system, so it will now appear on your TV’s within the venue. This is a terrific way of reinforcing your promotions, signature offerings, specials and up and coming events ensuring that your customers know and talk about your business – top of mind awareness.

Should you wish, you can also send us “raw” imagery ( photos, screenshots etc ) and we will turn these into professional imagery, in the right format for use. This is all part of the service we provide to you, utilizing our talented graphics department and we will even be checking your website and Facebook pages on an ongoing basis, to make sure the ads are kept up to date as you make changes. There is no need to use a 3rd party graphic designer – we can do all this for you.

The additional service will be provided free to our customers and we encourage you to click the button below and send us some quick information to get started.

Full Screen Advertising

Checkout below some examples of the types of Full Screen Advertising.

Custom Frames (Video Surrounds)

Checkout below some examples of the types of Advertising Frames that can be built.